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Sass configuration

Basic steps to install Sass (Syntactically Awesome StyleSheets) on Windows 8.

Sass is a powerful extension for CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), it requires a little extra knowledge but it’s worth the effort. Sass allows you to minimise the amount of CSS code you need to write, it reduces double up when coding, provides effective maintainability and offers extensions such as variables, allowing you to state a value once and access it anywhere the variable is called.

Along with Sass you will also want a compiler like “Prepros” to convert your Sass files into a single standard CSS file.

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ABrook – User Experience Design Process

For me the most successful User Experience Design starts with a discussion with project owners and stakeholders to understand their requirements, to get an understanding of the projects pain points often doing a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats), this may also involve user interviews but not always.

The majority of projects I’ve worked on usually need drastic review so there may be no need to test what isn’t working, there may occasionally be some card sorting but clients I’ve worked with usually prefer to get stuck straight in and create concepts based off my experience that can then be tested.

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Telstra – User Experience / Innovation Designer & Prototype UI Developer


My role at Telstra is to provide idea generation, user experience design, concept development and prototypes for the next generation of products and services.

Thinking creatively to identify new opportunities for innovation, providing oversight and influence on projects and working with subject matter experts, I help identify and eliminate common UX problems and research and create user friendly, intuitive solutions.

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Picnic Software – adcast NXT


”adcast NXT” is a digital asset management application used by Myer, Officeworks and other large retail businesses.

I was the User Experience / UI designer and frontend developer for this project, this required responsive front-end development of the User Interface to work across Desktop and Tablet for IE8+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari.

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CPA UX Design & UI Development


Providing UX, UI Design and Front-end HTML, CSS3 & jQuery development,  with evolving user scenarios, complexity and scope.

The CPA Australia project was an online booking application for accountants and students to book and manage Workshops, Conferences, Seminars and Events as well as Enroll and take part in professional training and online learning.

The companies training, events and products are offered at several Countries worldwide factoring in multiple carts, currencies and variable availability making the project additionally complex.

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Software as a Service (SaaS) User Interface (UI) Design

Cloud applications have made on-line collaboration more accessible than ever, access to personal profiles, shared data, files & documents, calendars and business applications.

Converting and providing Software on-line in “the cloud” is increasingly popular, infrastructure can be managed externally, lower operating costs allowing greater investment in R & D, improving capabilities and competitive advantages.

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User Experience (UX) Web Design

User Experience Web design

A UX web designer offers an extra level to standard web design with additional focus on helping the user to achieve their goals with minimal thought and effort.

Also assisting the user to meet a range of specific business goals is often required such as downloading product information signing up for a newsletter etc…

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How to verify email with Google Apps when adding POP email accounts

When setting up Google Apps to receive other POP email accounts (as you might with gmail) you need to point your MX records to Google servers but then you need to Verify your email.  If you can’t access your new account, you should be able create “Catch-all address” via  your Google Apps / Settings to retrieve the Verification email to finish your set-up.

(Before doing any of these steps read this article first to see if it applies to you?)
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Website SEO basics

Some of the main considerations when optimising your website include Content, site structure / architecture and useful meta data but also using tools such as Google Analytics to monitor and improve performance for key conversion areas.

Primarily the content on your site is its most valuable asset, this is what your audience is hopefully searching for; it needs to be appealing and interesting not only to build recognition and encourage return visits but to build recommendations in the way of link backs, blog posts, emails etc.. Legitimate links to your website especially those from other reputable sources re-enforce your sites value to the Search Engines (SE’s).

Your website structure should be created logically for your users experience and interaction but  also to assist the SE’s indexing of your website to provide the best possible search results.
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Building an On-line shop with Magento E-commerce

Magento E-commerce, on-line shop designer developerMagento e-commerce allows to take or create your business and sell on-line professionally with ease, it allows you to maintain your own inventory and offers a rich set of cutting edge features to rival any on-line shopping cart system including product comparisons, add to wish-list, up-selling, special offers, analytics, shipping to multiple addresses, one page checkout, multiple payment options and great search features just skims the surface.

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Andrew Brook

Andrew Brook, UX designer & UI developer I'm a website User Experience & application interface designer with 12+ years experience.
I also specialise in front end development (HTML/5, CSS/3 & jQuery).

My work covers all elements of the development cycle from conceptualisation to building and/or prototyping of a website, implementation, deployment and post launch support.

I work with and support other developers to integrate designs, front-end developments and prototypes and with their in house applications as well as open source Content Management Systems (CMS).

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